I picked up my friend Suzanne from the Montego Bay airport, Jamaica, in February. She came out, stood in the sun, and just spun around with her head raised to the sky, her hands lifted in joy. And in that the moment, the true essence of her humanity, her love and potential seemed to ignite the whole atmosphere as others joined her in celebrating the sun. As she said, “You have no idea what you have here. I am coming from -40 degrees. This is just wonderful!”

She did not, as she could have, fix her business suit and say, “This weather is so hot and miserable. I need AC.” No, she marveled in nature and that attitude transferred into our business dealings all week. Marvel, wonder, childlike curiosity.

Can you take that childlike wonder, pleasure and joy into your business dealings this week? Notice how beginning your day with joy affects your body and your mood.

Even when the heaviness of work and dealing with people comes in, bring that spark of joy back into your mental and emotional space. You will smile ….and feel lighter.

From the child in me to the child in you …