“Sexual Trauma/Wounding” to Liberation

Helping Women Who Are 30+ Who’ve Suffered Sexual Abuse, Rape or Incest to Overcome Their Abuse - and Feel SAFE and Confident in the World Within Three Months

Who Am I?

Sitting on that college bench,

every one passed asking, “How are you doing?” Smiling, laughing, going about their daily business. No one saw. But for me, life had changed. Dramatically. I no longer felt that I belonged to that scenario. Happy. Fun loving. No. Now I was now unclean. I had been raped. Confident, outspoken Sandra drew into her shell. I gained weight; stopped doing the things I enjoyed – dancing, singing, modelling. I began to hate men. I became so small and bitter inside that it was hard to find the beautiful girl who had loved life. I was ashamed.

Depressed. In desperation, I sought to end it all. My work and hobbies embraced danger. Finally, 30 years later, I am free. Deep reflection helped me to release the memories, the triggers. I am sorry that happened to me. Now is the time to heal. Let me help you to heal from the trauma and shame of sexual abuse.

My book “Ettu Celebrations of Life” has been cited by UNESCO.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Women who are 30+ and have been sexually traumatized or/and abused. We all experience different stages of recovery, and all of the steps are necessary and correct in their own rights. This program is for women who are READY to RELEASE suffering, shame, and embarrassment caused by the residual effects of sexual trauma. WE ARE POWERFUL, and WE ARE READY!” Through forgiveness, blaming the rapist cease to exist, because now it is about your life, and about YOU. Forgiveness sets the spirit free. You will not blame your past, for you have your present and future to look forward to. I will show you the way.”


Who It Is Not For?

This programme is not for women who are not willing to let go of the suffering, shame and embarrassment caused by the residual effects of sexual trauma. It is not for the women who are so afraid of their past that they are unwilling to face their fears and break free into freedom. This is not for women who are afraid to honour their truth and their brilliance. And finally, this programme is not for you if you refuse to let go of people pleasing and are not willing to do the internal work required to show up independent, secure and safe in the world.

Module One

Getting Rid of the Shame


Self acceptance


Ever feel like everybody is looking at you, judging you, making assumptions about you, naming and shaming you? Do you keep on beating yourself up, asking, “Why didn’t I…..”

Imagine being able to choose how you feel! Imagine being able to be proud, feel proud as you walk into the office. How would that change your life? Imagine being free from high blood pressure/hypertension.

Imagine being accepted by the most important person in the world. Let’s face it – you can laughing and life will never be the same. … And this is just the beginning.

Module Two

Walking Through the Fear


Mindset shift


Do you feel like you are always screaming inside? Are you angry and afraid? Do you sometimes feel like your skin is made of glass? So fragile. One touch…. And you’re gone

Drop the burdens of anger, resentment, sadness. Lighten your load. Through insightful conversations, mindfulness exercises, reflections and visioning you will learn how to:

  • Uncover your major subconscious fears.
  • Understand connections between your fear, feelings of resentment, and behaviour.
  • Release the negative emotions, develop the emotional intelligence required to overcome your fears and choose how you want to feel.

You will gain.

  • Release. Courage. Mental freedom. Inner strength and Feel relaxed and safe inside your own skin.
Module Three

Memory Triggers


  • Letting go
  • Releasing triggers


You know how that smell triggers that awful memory? Your chest tightens, you can’t breathe – it’s time to release it. Let it go and feel the freedom that comes with release. Through journaling and identifying triggers and patterns you will:

  • Clear the past anchors to fragments of your memory.
  • Create clarity of thought
  • Create a ritual/practice so that every time there is a trigger, you can use this tool to move beyond it.
Module Four

Self Doubt and Sabotage




Feeling stuck – as if you are a broken record, like you can’t do anything right? Feeling unworthy, undervalued and invisible? Do you wonder to yourself silently inside “If I made such a bad decision that I got raped, how can I ever trust my own decisions again?”

End Self-Limiting Behaviors and Beliefs
Make the changes you feel support your happiest life options.
Learn how to be calm and objective while taking a stand for yourself becoming more confident and knowing your own value.

Module Five



  • Build self trust and self love by recognizing the boundaries of your touch, and how to recognize and receive non-sexual touch
  • Start tuning yourself and your skin to kinesthetic experiences that will help break the association between pleasure and abuse


Feeling like, “I need to do it alone. No one can do it as well as I can, they always mess up. I can’t trust anyone and everyone tries to take advantage of me.” Yup! You have perfectionist tendencies and feel hounded by peer judgment, constantly needing approval.

You don’t need to live that way. Let’s develop some self trust. Break the relationship between trust and abuse. Start tuning into yourself and your own needs. Get those things that give you pleasure. Just for you. Fancy clothes, silk sheets, nice perfume. Feel good in your own skin again. Break free of social expectations. Find your own truth and listen to the voice that really matters—your own. Trust yourself. You will feel pretty, strong and sexy, knowing that you are absolutely awesome.

Module Six



  • Clearing emotional clutter
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Knowing your voice has power
  • Creating set points
  • Standing your ground
  • Speaking out about how you feel


Just like when land is surveyed, the surveyor first clears and measures the land then put in place those pegs that indicate the boundary lines, we need to do the same. You are the surveyor. Clear out the emotional clutter. It’s time to put your boundary lines in place. Learn to say NO. Stop people from trampling on you! Take back your power. Find the people who really care for you. Seek new paths to deep emotional connections free from the stress of past trauma. You are worthy.

Module Seven

Freedom Through Forgiveness


  • Transform uncomfortable feelings
  • Making the feeling of being worthy familiar
  • Gaining self power
  • Creative expression
  • Learning new ways to connect emotionally
  • Freedom from the stress of past trauma
  • Improved relationships


After any sexual trauma, it is normal to feel guilty, dirty, angry, confused, unworthy of love. Let go of these negative emotions. It was not your fault. Reframe the experience.

Forgiveness is about you forgiving yourself for being there. Forgiveness is about letting go of feeling unworthy of love, about giving yourself permission to stop settling for less than you desire. You are worthy.

Possibilities for freedom are endless… but first you have to be willing to forgive yourself. Change your story. Write a new story of beauty, of love of forgives of freedom. Get this 5 step process to break the ties to the past, forgive yourself, and walk into your newly found freedom of mind and spirit.

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