You’re all grown up now which probably means that you no longer think like a little kid. But did you know that listening to your inner child may be the key to releasing your fear and frustration?

What! You don’t believe me? Well, most of your key opinions and desires were formed while you were in elementary school. …and, they are still locked away in your brain, even if you don’t consciously remember them.

Yup! Just as you remember and acknowledge the pain, hurt, molestation or abuse that happened, your brain also keeps score of all the wonderful things that happened to you as well. Your subconscious remembers your dream and aspirations. Can you spend a few minutes today thinking of that time when you were happy, when you were invincible?

In your mind’s eye who were you Cleopatra, a queen, wonder woman, Barbie, a musician or artist, rich, powerful, a teacher, helper, surgeon, mother, truck driver, astronaut? What games did you play?

Yes, you see, you remember. Now how does that dream relate to who you are today?

Can you use that youthful energy to guide your life forward from today?

You are NOT your past. YOU control your thoughts. YOU have the power to determine your own fate.