Have you ever thought back to your childhood dreams and wild imaginations and wonder how did you go from that to the job/life you have today?

What are the things you dream of today? If I took a guess and said one would be for time out for yourself, would I be right? But apart from that, is there any hobby that brings you peace, relaxation? Do you have a burning passion that lights you up?

Maybe you are a sports enthusiast that can encourage a neophyte, or a leader who can mentor a young person?

Is there somewhere that your childhood dreams were crushed, smashed by an all-knowing adult, a teacher, a bully, a parent, a friend. How did that make you feel?

Maybe you can rekindle the sense of joy and wonder by rekindling one of your childhood dreams. Why not?

How can you use your passion and skill to make the world a safer place for others?